Welcome to the Graduate School of Matter, Radiation and Environmental Sciences (GS SMRE)

A word from our Director

Welcome to the website of our Graduate School for Science of Matter, Radiation and Environment (French: ED SMRE) in Lille. This multi-disciplinary thematic school is built around thirteen research groups and teams. It unites doctoral students in Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Universe Sciences, Environment, and Food Biotechnology in Lille and surrounding areas. The GS SMRE is now one of the 7 doctoral schools in the city. In the past, it was run by Professors Claire Demuynck (Physicist) and Joel Cuguen (Biologist).

The doctoral school covers a wide range of themes with an objective to oversee and direct doctoral training that aligns with the scientific policies of its partner institutions (which include the University of Lille, Centrale Lille Institute, and IMT Nord Europe), as well as its research groups. Through close collaboration with various stakeholders, doctoral students receive innovative training in research and through research. This training aims to cultivate scientific skills and inspire students to pursue a professional career.



The roles of the graduate school are:

  • to organise the recruitment process of new doctoral candidates, ensure their quality and funding throughout their studies;
  • to monitor and offer administrative and pedagogical support to doctoral students from registration to thesis defence thanks to close collaboration with the research groups and in compliance with the Doctoral Charter;
  • to help doctoral students develop their professional projects, support their research projects and acquire complementary skills by providing training courses and activities in coordination with the Doctoral College;
  • to enhance the appeal of doctoral studies in both academic and industrial sectors at national and international levels.

If you are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, you can find all the necessary information right here.

I encourage you to explore our website to discover the opportunities available at our labs, as well as the school itself. We are here to listen to you and answer any questions you may have.

I wish all current and future doctoral students three wonderful years of doctoral study.

Frédéric Parol, Director of the SMRE Graduate School

Startdoc 2023 doctoral programme

The 8 thematic doctoral schools of the Universities of Lille, Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, the Centrale Lille Institut schools and IMT Nord Europe held their joint back-to-school event on Thursday 7 December at Lille Grand Palais, from 2pm to 6pm.

The event brought together 500 PhD students in their 1st year of study. The organisation of doctoral studies, the training on offer, and the careers and professions of doctor∙es were presented. The doctorate and young researchers∙euses were honoured as two thesis prizes were awarded.

For information, the start of the doctoral year is already online on the University of Lille's web tv here: https://webtv.univ-lille.fr/grp/686/9eme-edition-de-la-rentree-doctorale/

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